NELA advocates for independent and fair-minded federal judges who are committed to equal justice under law for all Americans, and who do not place the interests of employers over the rights of employees. NELA takes an active role in assessing candidates nominated to federal judgeships as well as individuals interested in becoming candidates for such vacancies. NELA screens potential judicial nominees, ensuring they are faithful to the progress made on civil rights and individual liberties, and possess a demonstrated record of respect for justice and equality in the workplace.

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Advocating For A Fair And Diverse Judiciary

If you would like more information about becoming a federal judicial candidate, are a candidate for a federal judicial vacancy who would like to be endorsed by NELA, or know someone who NELA should consider endorsing, please contact Laura Flegel, NELA Legislative & Public Policy Director,


Laura M. Flegel
Legislative & Public Policy Director
(202) 898-2880, ext. 115

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Judicial Nominations Committee

Wade B. Cowan (TN)
M. Megan O'Malley (IL)

Circuit Representatives

1st Circuit
Emma Quinn-Judge (MA)

Elizabeth Rodgers (MA)

2nd Circuit
Darnley D. Stewart (NY)

3rd Circuit
Christine T. Elzer (PA)
Claudia A. Reis (NJ)

4th Circuit
Walt Auvil (WV)

Geraldine Sumter (NC)

5th Circuit
Katherine L. Butler (TX)

J. Arthur Smith, III (LA)

6th Circuit
Wade B. Cowan (TN)
Neil E. Klingshirn (OH)

7th Circuit
M. Megan O'Malley (IL)
Rebecca L. Salawdeh (WI)

8th Circuit
Leslie L. Lienneman (MN)

9th Circuit
Beth Creighton (OR)

Carol Gillam (Southern CA)
Andrew P. Lee (Northern CA)

10th Circuit
Mark Hammons, Sr. (OK)

11th Circuit
Matthew C. Billips (GA)
Neil L. Henrichsen (FL)
John D. Saxon (AL)

DC/Federal Circuit
David R. Cashdan (DC)
R. Scott Oswald (DC)

At-Large Member
Barry D. Roseman (CO)
Jeffrey Young (ME)