NELA relies on volunteer involvement to make our organization successful. Our CLE programs, amicus briefs, judicial nominations activities, legislative and public policy initiatives, The Employee Advocate, and everything in between are supported by NELA members who generously volunteer their time and expertise for the greater good of the organization. Prior to 2010, NELA's substantive law committees were integral parts of our volunteer structure that augmented our programs and provided information to NELA members. In 2010, as part of NELA's Strategic Plan, we changed the committee structure to a Practice Group model to open the door to greater member participation, and greater collective success.

Under the Practice Group model:

  • Practice Groups have replaced the former substantive law committees (e.g., the Age Discrimination Committee is now the Age Discrimination Practice Group, the ERISA Committee the ERISA Practice Group, etc.). NELA members are now invited to serve as leaders or point-persons for the Practice Groups, offering new opportunities for leadership in the organization.
  • "Practitioners exchanges" have replaced the traditional "committee meetings" at NELA's Annual Convention, providing opportunities for individuals in specific practice areas to network, seek advice, and discuss issues of mutual concern. Anyone with an interest in the subject matter area is encouraged to attend.
  • Each Practice Group now has its own NELANet forum for the exchange of information, requests for technical support, etc. This offers an expanded menu of discussion forums on NELANet, and all substantive discussions that formerly took place at the committee level are now on NELANet, thereby enhancing one of NELA's most valued member services.

NELA is often referred to as the "largest plaintiff's employment law firm in the country," and our Practice Groups allow for greater membership participation and the exchange of substantive information about employment law.

Get Involved In NELA

Keep your eyes open for the "NELA Member Volunteer Interest" form to let us know in which NELA activities you would like to be involved. Here are some ways to maximize your membership in NELA:

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NELA 2008-2013 Strategic Plan
conscious choices, relentless discipline

Related Priority:
Shift the organizational culture from one that relies on specific individuals to one that relies on systems and structures.

Create a high performing volunteer structure that increases support for NELA's programmatic objectives and provides meaningful opportunities for NELA members. This includes an evaluation of existing structures and finding ways to improve upon it.

We began to lay the foundation for revamping NELA's substantive law committees at NELA's Committee Chairs Meeting in 2008 by discussing the Strategic Plan with the committee chairs in attendance and inviting their feedback. At NELA's Committee Chairs Meeting in 2009, we unveiled the details of our plans for overhauling the committee structure. In 2010, NELA completed the process of changing its committee structure to the practice group model.

NELA's 2008-2013 Strategic Plan: