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NELA relies on volunteer involvement to make our organization successful. Our CLE programs, amicus briefs, judicial nominations activities, legislative and public policy initiatives, The Employee Advocate, and everything in between are supported by NELA members who generously volunteer their time and expertise for the greater good of the organization. NELA's Practice Groups are an integral parts of our volunteer structure and members are encouraged to participate at the level which they feel most comfortable.

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  • NELA members are invited to serve as leaders or point-persons for the Practice Groups, offering new opportunities for leadership in the organization.
  • "Practitioners exchanges" are part of NELA's Annual Convention, providing opportunities for individuals in specific practice areas to network, seek advice, and discuss issues of mutual concern. Anyone with an interest in the subject matter area is encouraged to attend.
  • Each Practice Group has its own NELA Exchange community for the exchange of information, requests for technical support, etc.

NELA is often referred to as the "largest plaintiff's employment law firm in the country," and our Practice Groups allow for greater membership participation and the exchange of substantive information about employment law.

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For more information on NELA Practice Groups, send us an email, nelahq@nelahq.org.



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