NELA Affiliates are on the ground in nearly every corner of the country fulfilling NELA’s mission to advance employee rights and serve lawyers who advocate for equality and justice in the American workplace. Working in partnership with our circuit, state, and local Affiliates, NELA’s advocacy extends from Capitol Hill to your community.

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A Shared Mission To Advance Equality & Justice

NELA has 69 circuit, state, and local Affiliates across the country that share NELA’s mission and commitment to justice in the workplace. Each Affiliate is an independent organization with its own leadership structure, services, and opportunities for member involvement. Benefits of participation in NELA Affiliates include educational programs, networking, advocacy support, committee work, leadership development, skills-building, and more. Membership in an Affiliate is separate from NELA membership.

NELA supports its Affiliates with leadership, organizational development, advocacy, and technology resources and services. When you participate in NELA and an Affiliate, you are harnessing the power of the entire NELA Family.

NELA Affiliate Relations Committee

The mission of the Affiliate Relations Committee of the National Employment Lawyers Association is to create, build and support strong state and local Affiliates by assisting and supporting Affiliate leaders. To accomplish its mission, the Affiliate Relations Committee holds annual Affiliate Leadership Workshops, maintains and updates a resource manual for Affiliate leaders, provides organizational support to Affiliates, and facilitates regular communication between the local Affiliates and the national organization.

Affiliate Resources

2017 NELA Affiliate Leader Handbook

2016 Affiliate Leadership Resource Manual

To find a NELA Affiliate near you, please select from the drop-down menu on the left.

Building The NELA Family

NELA and its Affiliates work side by side to build an ever-stronger family of employee rights advocates and organizations. If you would like to connect with an Affiliate in your area, please contact Karen Maoki, NELA Affiliate Liaison, at or (415) 296-7629, ext. 203. You may also select an Affiliate from the drop-down menu on the left.


Karen Maoki
Affiliate Liaison
(415) 296-7629, ext. 203

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2017-2018 Affiliate Relations Committee

Mark Hammons, Sr. (OK)
Rosemary Orsini (CO)

Circuit Representatives

1st Circuit

2nd Circuit
Mary E. Kelly (CT)

3rd Circuit
Scott M. Pollins (PA)

4th Circuit/DC
Subhashini Bollini (DC)

5th Circuit

Katherine L. Butler (TX)

6th Circuit
Douglas B. Janney III

7th Circuit
Antoinette Choate

8th Circuit
Jessica Scales

9th Circuit
Charlotte Fishman

10th Circuit

11th Circuit
Heather Newsom Leonard

Deborah H. Karpatkin (NY)