August 2013

Julie M. Strandlie, Legislative & Public Policy Director
(202) 898-2880 ext. 115;


Raising Our Voices For Change:
NELA Launches Grassroots Advocacy Program

NELA has created a Grassroots Advocacy Program to engage NELA members and Affiliate members—as community leaders and constituents—in our efforts to promote legislation and public policies that advance equality and justice in the American workplace. Please respond to the e-invitation from NELA President David L. Lee to join NELA's Grassroots Advocacy Team, and take a moment to complete the brief questionnaire, which should take no more than five minutes.

The U.S. Supreme Court's stunning decision in American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant underscores the need for NELA members and Affiliate members to include legislative advocacy in their legal advocacy toolkit to protect and advance their clients' rights. As we have seen, legislation is necessary to roll back the Supreme Court's decisions allowing the Federal Arbitration Act to trump substantive employment, civil rights, and consumer protection laws.

NELA is committed to providing employee rights practitioners with the tools you need to advocate for your clients on Capitol Hill and in the courtroom. Along with the Grassroots Advocacy Program, we have launched our new Grassroots Advocacy Center, an interactive website with up-to-date information about your federal legislators, NELA's legislative priorities, and more. The site also serves as a portal for communicating with Congress by webmail, email, letter, and phone. Visit NELA's website to view our updated Advocacy pages.

As former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill famously said, "All politics is local." Personal relationships and contacts are the most effective way to influence your legislators' position on public policies that affect America's workers and we need your help in this effort.

Thank you for raising your voices for change! If you have any questions about NELA's Legislative & Public Policy Program, including the Grassroots Advocacy Program, please contact Julie Strandlie at (202) 898-2880, ext. 115, or

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The National Employment Lawyers Association advances employee rights and serves lawyers who advocate for equality and justice in the American workplace. NELA provides assistance and support to lawyers in protecting the rights of employees against the greater resources of their employers and the defense bar. It is the country's largest professional organization exclusively comprised of lawyers who represent individual employees in cases involving employment discrimination and other employment-related matters. NELA and its 68 circuit, state, and local affiliates have more than 3,000 members around the country.
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