September 17, 2018

Contact: Laura M. Flegel
NELA Legislative & Public Policy Director
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National Employment Lawyers Association Calls On Senate To
Halt Kavanaugh Confirmation Process,
In Wake Of Assault Survivor’s Courageous Disclosure

The Executive Board of the National Employment Lawyers Association voted to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court over a month ago on the basis of his record on employment law, civil rights, and law pertaining to access to health care for working people. Since then, based on records that were available for review during his confirmation hearing, we learned that Kavanaugh likely misrepresented his positions on substantive issues including reproductive rights, and actively misled senators about his role in Bush-era “war on terror” policies, and receiving stolen emails. The hearing raised doubt about his honesty and integrity.

Now, in the face of Christine Blasey Ford’s courageous disclosure, we are outraged that Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has not moved to halt the nomination process pending an investigation. Christine Blasey Ford disclosed her experience of sexual violence by Brett Kavanaugh when they were both high school students. Ford did not set out to make her story public, but after her letter was leaked to the media she has bravely come forward to tell her story.

NELA members have listened to and represented thousands of women who have faced sexual harassment and assault in their workplaces and know that women are routinely vilified for daring to speak of their experiences. This mistreatment of survivors must end. We stand with survivors of all ages, and affirm the rights of all survivors to determine when, how and to whom they tell their own stories.

To-date there has been a profound lack of integrity and transparency in this confirmation process. The hearing was rushed forward despite the lack of availability of voluminous, relevant records of the nominee’s past work. During the hearings, there were a number of critical instances in which Kavanaugh’s testimony was shown to be untrue in documents that were shared with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ford has bravely reported this incident, it is credible, and must now be thoroughly and fairly investigated. We join with other advocates as well as Republican and Democratic senators who have called for a delay in the confirmation process pending a full and fair investigation.

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