NELA launched its “Build Our Washington DC Office Brick By Brick” campaign at its 2005 Sixteenth Annual Convention this past June in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the Convention, NELA members, affiliates and supporters contributed $500 or more for their “brick,” helping NELA to kick-off this campaign by raising $22,000. The Washington D.C. Office will be staffed initially by a Legislative & Public Policy Director, enabling NELA to more effectively advance the interests of working people through legislative, public policy and administrative advocacy, as well as public education and outreach.

The goal of the “Build Our Washington DC Office Brick By Brick” campaign is to raise $100,000 by the end of 2005, and $150,000 by June 2006 for a total of $250,000. This amount will provide needed financial support for the Washington DC Office during its first two years while permanent revenue sources are developed to sustain and expand it. Having a Washington DC presence is critical if NELA is to build on its success in passing the attorneys’ fees provision of the Civil Rights Tax Relief Act last year. We also want to capitalize on the momentum created from our advocacy efforts on promoting a fair and independent judiciary, prohibiting mandatory arbitration of employment claims, and ensuring that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission remains true to its mission of enforcing the nation’s civil rights laws.

Donors who contribute $500 or more will receive a“brick” – a brass plate with their name on it – which will appear on a plaque that will hang in our DC office. All donors, regardless of the amount, will be acknowledged in upcoming issues of The Employee Advocate, our e-weekly newsletter The NELA Conspiracy, the NELA website and in NELA’s 2006 Annual Convention Program Guide. Contributions are tax-deductible as a business expense (advertising). If you wish to contribute to the “Brick By Brick” campaign, please download a contribution form.

Thank you for your support!

For more information, please contact Terisa E. Chaw, Executive Director, National Employment Lawyers Association, 44 Montgomery Street, Suite 2080, San Francisco, CA 94104; Tel: 415-296-7629; Fax: 415-677-9445; E-mail:

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