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Acceptable Use Policy
Section 1.    INTRODUCTION
The National Employment Lawyers Association's ("NELA") Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") is intended to protect the proprietary interests of NELA and the intellectual property rights of the authors of NELA's 2015 Annual Convention E-Manual. It is in this spirit that NELA sets forth the following terms and conditions governing the acceptable use of NELA's 2015 Annual Convention E-Manual (the "E-Manual"). The AUP is a non-exclusive list of the actions prohibited by NELA, and thus NELA reserves the right to modify the AUP at any time to protect its interest and that of the E-Manual authors. By using this site, each user agrees to comply with this AUP policy and other applicable NELA policies, as well as any relevant state and federal laws and regulations. Violation of this AUP may result in the suspension or termination of your access to the E-Manual.
  Please note: Once access to an E-Manual is granted, registrants will not receive a refund of their registration fee.

This AUP governs the use of the E-Manual in both its CD-ROM and Internet-based format.
A password protected website has been created for the exclusive purpose of providing registrants of NELA's 2015 Annual Convention access to the E-Manual via the Internet. All Registrants will have access to the website using a password provided by NELA to access and download the E-Manual from the Internet. If you are not a current member of NELA, the password will expire 30 days after the conclusion of the program. After that time, registrants who are not current members of NELA will no longer be able to use the password to access and download the E-Manual from the Internet. Sharing passwords or allowing others to log onto the NELA website using your password is strictly prohibited.
Unless otherwise specified, the E-Manual is for your personal and non-commercial use. In this regard, violations of this AUP include but are not limited to:
  • Mass distribution of the E-Manual in any form (printed, electronically relayed, posted to public and/or NELA list services or bulletin boards, or magnetically stored);
  • Selling, publishing or otherwise disseminating the E-Manual for commercial use or sale;
  • Allowing content from the E-Manual to be made available to or for the benefit of others by downloading the E-Manual onto any electronic storage media, or distributing or transferring the E-Manual in any form (printed, electronically relayed, posted to public and/or NELA list services or bulletin boards, or magnetically stored);
  • Sharing passwords or allowing others to log onto the NELA website using your password;
  • Logging onto the NELA website using a password that is not your own; and
  • Transmitting or using any content included in the E-Manual that infringes the copyright of NELA and/or the content author.
Section 5.    COPYRIGHTS
All rights are reserved by NELA and the authors of each E-Manual. It is understood that copying, displaying and distributing copyrighted works may infringe the owner's copyright.


Written permission to reprint or use the materials from the E-Manual must be requested from NELA and the author(s). For permission to reprint material from the E-Manual, or any portion thereof, please address your written request to the National Employment Lawyers Association:

National Employment Lawyers Association
2201 Broadway, Suite 402
Oakland, CA 94612

If permission is granted, the person requesting permission agrees:

  1. To publish both the below copyright notice and the permission notice on the article or document;
  2. To use such article or document for informational, educational, non-commercial or personal use only;
  3. Not to publish the article or document on any network computer or broadcast it in any media, and
  4. Not to modify the article or document unless expressly approved by NELA and/or the author.
Copyright Notice
Copyright© 2015 by the National Employment Lawyers Association.
Permission Notice
This material is reproduced with permission from the National Employment Lawyers Association, and was published in the National Employment Lawyers Association's
2015 Annual Convention: Celebrating 30 Years Of Employee Rights Advocacy E-Manual.
All rights reserved.
Section 7.    ENFORCEMENT

To the extent possible, NELA will advise users of any conduct that violates this AUP and will request that they take necessary corrective action. If the E-Manual is used in a way that NELA believes violates this AUP, NELA may take such responsive action(s) as NELA determines to be appropriate to remedy the violation(s). These responsive actions may include, but are not limited to, suspending or terminating your online access and use of the E-Manual. NELA reserves the right in its sole discretion to restrict access to any content of the E-Manual for violations of this AUP.

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